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A reallz great game (maybe a little short).

We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a little video we madewhile playing:

Keep up the good work!!

This was pretty cool it seemed like it could be full of secrets.

Now this right here is a fine example of telling a story without needing to tell a story. Having us walk around and discover things on our own is a darn great way of painting a very eerie picture.

On top of that, the look of the game, the subtle use of sounds and lighting and the lingering sense of dread just made this a top-notch spookalicious experience!

Keep up the amazing work, this one really blew me away! =)

Really cool game! Loved the environment and the intro was a really good setup! 

Thanks so much! I like your theory about the alien, the experience is really designed for players to try to figure out what's really going on (which definitely has a definitive answer if you're willing to look and listen carefully).

Hello. Just wanted to let you know that there is no Linux binary and that it doesn't work under wine (for me at least)

I didn't notice any Mac binaries either so I'd just suggest you uncheck the Linux and Mac options and let people know that the game is Windows exclusive.

Game looks cool though. Looks like a lot of effort was put into it. So thanks for working so hard on it.

Thanks for letting me know, I didn't realize that I had checked all those boxes.

I did a Let's Play of this as part of a new series I'm doing. Good job making a radical game. Best of luck with all future projects!

Really interesting little game, kinda wish the alien was a little more subtle like the rest of the game but otherwise I enjoyed it.


Thanks for the creative feedback, your point about the alien standing out is interesting and insightful. The game really is about tone and subtlety, so you're probably right! Also, thanks for the inspiring words, I am currently working on a VR project (for which a demo will be out soon) that I believe will be truly awesome.

Not a problem, glad I could give some useful feedback! I'd love to check it out if it weren't for the fact I don't have a VR Headset :(

A MINDBLOWING STORY(!) | The Town Of Beacon Full Gameplay Walkthrough

I was worried going in when I saw there were no interaction keys for the player, but you really managed to build a compelling short story of a town and its residents and secrets with only environmental storytelling. The visuals were pretty good, but things do get a bit uncanny around this point in nearing photorealism. I absolutely loved the sound design though, really kept me on my toes until the end. Fantastic job! I look forward to more of your work.

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Great game. Super sound effects... :)